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At the time of this writing, $1 = N750.

Do the maths for $1,000.

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Now imagine for a moment what an extra $1,000 every month would do for you

  •  You can easily create a better lifestyle for yourself and your family
  •  You won’t have to worry about money for rent and bills
    You can live life at your own terms
  •  You don’t have to report to a lousy boss
  •  You’ll regain your respect from those that are treating you anyhow because things are not going well with you right now…


And the best part?

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In Case We’re Meeting For The First Time:

Hello, I’m Umoru.

Sometime in 2019 during my youth service in Kano, a friend I was squatting with kicked me out of his house.

Getting self-contain immediately would have been the perfect response but I was earning ONLY =N=19,800 monthly ‘Allawee’.

So I became homeless.

Fast forward to 2023, I now live in a 2-bed apartment somewhere in Lekki that costs me almost =N= 4 Million yearly in rent

One of my sisters is a student of a top private university in Nigeria: sponsored by me.

I don’t lose sleep over my bills anymore,

From homeless to achieving all of these and more, it’s not luck my friend.

It began with a masterclass I attended back in 2019… Information is power, they say.

Enough about me because that’s not why we’re here.

Make sure to attend the class coming up this weekend because I’ll be revealing the exact information that blew my income and changed my life. 

See you there…

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