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The only thing that does NOT obey the law of gravity as far as I know is the Dollar-to-Naira exchange rate. 

Every time it goes up, it never goes back down. Up it continues to go.

I can remember vividly when the Dollar/Naira was $1/N150.

Then it jumped to $1/N350… jumped again to $1/N500… and jumped AGAIN to $1/N750

And now it’s what??!!… above N1,000 for $1 & still going. 

Well, I’m not surprised because if you are a student of history, you’ll realize it has been like this for the past 40 years.

And you know every time this happens, everything becomes expensive.

The salary you were managing to keep body & soul together suddenly begins to feel like ‘nothing’

Small market runs and you are wondering why this small nylon bag costs so much.

Anyway, you have TWO (2) options right now: 

  1. Complain about how expensive things are and wish things were better even if you know deep down they won’t OR 
  1. Be like the selected few who are taking advantage of this situation to beef up their financial capacity by learning how to earn dollars through writing simple emails for businesses abroad.

Your choice!

It may interest you to know that these selected few making this Cool Ca$h through writing emails are NOT born writers OR professional writers.

They have ZERO experience in this online bizness thing and NO special tech skills.

They are just regular Nigerians with an INSANE drive to succeed at anything they put their hands on.


See, if you can write in everyday English; something similar to what you are reading right now…

I swear you can make BASTARD money with this Email Writing Business.

But how is this even possible?

A business where you work REMOTELY for businesses abroad… write their emails with your smartphone and get paid $500 – $1,000 monthly

It’s best to shut up and let the LIVE training do the talking. Be there no matter what!

Meanwhile, here’s a quick Google search of the earning potential…

Imagine being immune to the decisions of the ‘Agbado leaders’ – ​​- whether the Naira rises or falls, your email writing business prospers & your financial well-being is untouchable!

The only thing separating YOU from the select few who are enjoying these dollar-income privileges is  INFORMATION! AKA… UPDATE!

Don’t be left behind by people you are smarter than my friend.

In the game of life, “Na who ‘pass exam’ know book”

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Meet Your Instructor – The Best in Business

Umoru Ibrahim – Internet entrepreneur & coach

Having built a 9-figure business on the internet. Umoru has undoubtedly built authority as a business coach, speaker, and mentor.

He has helped big businesses both home and abroad scale to new highs with his business secrets and experience.

Also, Umoru has helped 100s of regular Nigerians break their financial ceilings by exposing them to mo.ney ma.king opportunities on the internet. And right now, he is committed to 10Xing that number in 2024 through his webinars, masterclasses and trainings.





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