This is Why Your Dreams Can Never Come To Pass If You’re Only Earning In Naira.

The stats are there – you can’t doubt if you want.

However, if you want to escape the reality of our economy while living the life of your dreams

Read on.

This was me in 2019, fresh out of NYSC, living with 5 other people in a Face-Me-I-Face-You Room, begging for an N50,000 job with FAAN, Kano, Without Knowing Where My Next Meal Would Come From

This is me travelling around the world...
Living in my own apartment in Lekki, Lagos.
Living my best life...
Taking care of my younger sisters as the only son in the family

All because I made one important change in my life.


Which is…

Discovering how to earn $1,000 to $4,000 monthly by helping businesses in the US, UK, Australia, and Asia write simple emails to sell their products and services online.

But first, let’s talk about something important.

Take a moment and think about this…

Do you believe that the Nigerian government cares for you?

Like, other than the tax you pay:

When you make calls.

The charges you get from every bank transaction.

The VAT you pay when you shop.

What else have they done for you?

You see…

You and I both know that this country is being run by people who don’t care about you and me.

Because if not…

Why are people running away to Canada, the US, and Europe daily?

Why are many people graduating and serving without any job?

The truth is, if you are not connected here, you are on your own.

You already know this truth.

I am bringing it back to your consciousness if you are waiting for anyone.


I realised this while begging for an airport job after serving in Kano.

To make it worse, I was the first child and son.

So the responsibility would have killed me.

Thank God I didn’t get the job.

Because how would I have been able to survive under N100,000?

When I now pay school fees for my sisters, care for my mum, my fiance and myself.

Think about this…


What you read.


What you listen to.


What you watch.


They are communication forms requiring writers to think and write about them.


However, the type of writing I am talking about is business writing.


Which is simply…


Helping foreign businesses talk to their customers.


About a new sales promo.


A new product.


A new discount or just new information they want them to know to know about.


It is that easy.


And so far, I’ve been able to help over 1,000 people like you learn and make money with this…

Take, for instance, Nonso:

I’ve just collected another $1,350 (N1,200,000) from the client in the US, making it a total of $3,000 since I started writing for her in December. My Mom is so proud after knowing I can make her entire monthly salary legitimately with just one job [laugh emoji]” - Nonso Adim

Or Grace:

“I’ve just collected another $120 (N120,000) from the client in the US, making it a total of $1,550 since I started writing for her in December. My Mom is so proud after knowing I can make her entire monthly salary legitimately with just one job” - Grace

Even Yusuf:

Just $100 (N112,000), but na for the test project of 2 welcome emails, I wrote and sent him in an hour sef - if things go well, he might decide to work with me full-time. Thanks for the strategy call, Sir - Yusuf Hassan

What is interesting is that most of these people started earning a few weeks after joining.

And my happiness is that the dollar increase is favouring them.


Take some of my students for example:

Think about it for a minute.


Because if your dream is to japa, live life well or take care of the people you love.


I’m holding a LIVE webinar this weekend showing a small group of people how to do this. 

To become a part of these people, continue reading…

In This Live Webinar, You’ll Discover…

=> How you can replicate my results for yourself too (N600,000)in 30 days 

=> What this email writing is all about and how you can get started

=> How to find paying clients for this service (They pay $50 – $100 for just one single email, and the least you’ll write is 5 emails. So do the math

=> What to say to these clients to get hired and work for them

=> How to cash out your dollars in the black market using your phone WITHOUT talking to any aboki or money changer

I don’t know if you’ll get a spot even now.


So help yourself by…


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